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Top-notch afterschool programs

We know our school-age kiddos are ready to let loose after sitting in classes all day at school. Our kiddos will have the opportunity to wind down with a healthy snack. Our state-of-the-art classroom will consist of a learning center for homework hour where our licensed teachers will help with tutoring and making sure their homework is complete, an activity space where your child will have the opportunity to play indoor sports, team building activities and science experiments to name a few. Our classroom also has a library and technology corner. Although it is a time for our school-age kiddos to get their wiggles out, we want to make sure they are still learning and being enriched. Your child will have a great time hanging with us after school. Bring them by to see what all the hype is about.

They will feel comfortable being themselves and learning at their own pace in the classroom and activity room. Our environment is homey and comfortable for your little ones.

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