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two kids smiling holding a toy airplane
We help your young ones explore the world around them.

Our toddler program is a play-based program that helps toddlers learn in a way that makes sense to them. Each day, our curriculum will give our toddlers the opportunity to learn through directive music, art, wiggle/dance, creative expression with art, sensory exploration, as well as learning through circle time. What sets us apart is our toddlers will have the opportunity to learn through play.

They will be in an environment that is designed to guide them through this learning platform. Learning through play allows your child to work on cognitive and social development while also teaching them about teamwork, relationships, and sportsmanship, and providing them with the opportunity to practice social and congestive skills as they develop. This will help in setting your child up for whichever direction they choose in life.

They will feel comfortable being themselves and learning at their own pace in our classrooms. We ensure to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our little toddlers.

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