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The Importance of Dealing with Picky Eaters Early On


There is a cause to why kids pick their food. According to experts on childcare in Houston, Texas, causes of picky eating include early feeding difficulties, late introduction of lumpy foods at weaning, pressure to eat, the provision of fresh foods, and eating the same meal as the child.
To help prevent picky eating among children, our childcare services would like to share some tips that parents and guardians can follow at home.
Serving meals and snacks at regular times of the day can help instill a schedule among kids. Offer three meals and snacks throughout the day while only serving water in between meals. That will keep your child hydrated while ensuring they come to the table hungry.
Cook one meal for everyone to eat. If your child doesn’t like the food, don’t force them, they will eat when they are hungry and compensate on the next mealtime. Additionally, eat together as a family. Family members are essential role models for healthy eating, and children will more likely try certain foods if they see everyone eating them.
Lastly, mealtime should only be for eating and spending time with the family. Here, you can listen to your child’s preferences. An integral part of child care is letting them trust you. So, do the same and trust that they will eat if they are hungry.
We hope these tips will help you instill healthy eating habits within your child. Happy Days Child Care Centers offers educational programs that help kids have a healthy and happy childhood.
Our learning center in Texas incorporates healthy eating habits for students to learn daily. Should you want your child to experience the same, call us!

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