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Tips for Kids With Separation Anxiety


A child’s first day at school is full of opportunities and exciting experiences. While it may be a milestone, it can be daunting for your child and may cause separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is the feeling of uneasiness or fear of being a part of someone, and yes, it is quite common among children. However, it can occur in adults as well.

If your child has separation anxiety, here are some tips that can help:

  • Visit the School Early on

    If your child is enrolled in a learning center in Texas, visit the school a few days before the official start of class. It can stir up excitement in your child and can also mentally ready them for days of classes.

  • Be Consistent

    Being consistent with your child, especially when it comes to picking them up after school, establishes your child’s trust, which can help give them peace of mind.

  • Let Them Bring a Comfort Toy

    Letting your child bring a favorite toy or a plushie or something that reminds them of home can effectively help ease the anxiety they feel whenever you are away.

  • Create a Goodbye Ritual

    A goodbye ritual that consists of a tender hug or a cool handshake can ease your child’s anxiety before officially parting. It can also be a form of affection that can reassure your child.

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